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Children living in the country of Iraq. These children now have the opportunity to do whatever our fantastic society allows us to do, or better, they have:
- until the new free government becomes as dictatorial as the previous one (if not worse);
- if the fact of having possibly lost their homes, families, friends, limbs doesn't create them particular problems;
- until they aren't killed in one of the daily attacks by the terrorist who are now rampaging uncontrollably in the whole country;
- until a particularly scared/nervous/unexperienced soldier who liberated them shoots them by error.
Who was ever giving a damn about the Iraqi children before the war? The excuse were the feared weapons of mass destruction. Then, after no WMD were found, the excuse became "Hey, we liberated the poor people from the bad guy! (And we sold them to the terrorist)"
by Kerrigan May 15, 2005
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