Flavored tobacco smoked from a hookah. Abrabic in origin. Great stuff!!
by Bigrattus June 12, 2003
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A synonym for hookah, water pipe, or narghile. The word comes from the Persian word for glass. The term “shisha” is primarily used for water pipes in Egypt. Misinformed Westerners tend to refer to the tobacco smoked from a water pipe as "shisha". This is due to slang use in the Middle East, where it is acceptable to request a “flavored shisha” which means a hookah with flavored tobacco. The incorrect inference that “shisha” refers to the flavored tobacco spread into the vernacular and is primarily used by those that have only experienced this particular aspect of Middle Eastern culture in its cheaper, commercialized form in the West.
"I was just at the market and I bargained for a great deal on a three-hosed shisha"

"What flavors of malah do you have for your shisha?"
by BillyBuckets April 21, 2006
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a decently tasting smoking pot that is supposedly behind most of the world's genocides however argela uses shisha as a scapegoat
This is the shisha mussolini smoked before becoming hitler's pansy
by Weiled El Jieradet May 6, 2005
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Used in the Middle East and North Africa. In Egypt this is a name for a hookah or the actual flavored tobacco inside it. Flavors can include apple cinnamon, mint, etc. Smoking shisha once is equal to smoking 30 cigarettes. Very common, mostly done by men in community settings like cafes or gathering places.
"Mustafa and I went to the cafe and smoked shisha while talking about the business deal."
by Em123Sudd March 15, 2009
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It’s a hookah, but arabs find it disrespectful and very “white” of someone to refer to a shisha as hookah. So if you say hookah fucking get your white ass out of here and give us the shisha we created back cause you don’t deserve it.
Arab1: Did you hear what chad said?
Arab2: What did he say?
Arab1: He asked if I wanted to smoke hookah with him..
Arab2: Damn that guy is white, it a mother fucking shisha

Non Arab: Yo wanna go smoke some hookah?
Arab: Get yo white ass out of here
by Your regular arab hoe September 24, 2018
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I can't find the bong, let's smoke the kush with a crappy shisha.
by Dude of Life July 11, 2008
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Gravity bong, the most popular way of smoking marijuana in Eastern Europe
- What's up with you dawg?
-Just hit that hood shisha bro
by truelovexx66 June 3, 2017
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