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The time during which a machine is operating or an employee is working.
16:05:24 up 74 days, 21:05, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.03, 0.02
by fwaggle January 15, 2003
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Formerly (until 1935), Persia. a republic in SW Asia: an Islamic republic since 1979. 53,920,000; ab. 635,000 sq. mi. (1,644,650 sq. km) . Cap.: Tehran.
A country which once ruled half the world. Currently under the dictation of an Islamic government, which is ripping the nation to pieces.
Various terrains, such as mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands, etc., can be found in Iran without much difficulty. Huge natural gas and oil reserves are probably the reason Iran is still on the Map.
There are people of many races, religions and cultures all around Iran.
All 'n all, great country to spend a vacation in, not the place you want to raise your children.
I just gave you some facts about Iran without starting a war.
by fwaggle December 2, 2003
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Yet another rag-head Arab who has been dictating Iranians (friend of Khamenei). He is charged with numerous crimes, hate and terrorist acts towards western countries. He is known to have abused many innocent girls and murdered thousands. No amount of words can describe what a despicable creature this man is.
"The son buys casinos and strip clubs in Las Vegas, in the name of Islam and the father steals, rapes and murders, IN THE NAME OF ISLAM!"
by fwaggle April 5, 2003
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a mean, despicable, or vicious person.

anything considered to be despicable, frustrating, etc. (used as a general expression of contempt or anger).
"All y'all motherfuckers listenin' to me?"
"Hey motherfucker, what's yo name?"
by fwaggle January 15, 2003
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