A branch of Peoples from Dan Simmon's 'Hyperion' series. The Ousters are a branch of Humanity that chose to live in space, between the stars, rather than settle on planetary systems. They are at war with the People of the colony worlds and the Hegemony.
Colonel Kassad was ruthless against the Ousters in the battle of Bressia.HyperionHegemonyShrike
by mwhite247 February 12, 2015
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Someone who removes someone from a position or place. One who wipes out something. One who destroys or forces something out.

Law. a. an ejection or eviction; dispossession.
b. a wrongful exclusion from real property.

A soldier in many fps video games that owns noobs. He doesn't take any shit. A very sneaky, tricky, ballsy individual that you hope is on your team. Sometimes he plays when he's drunk and his skill diminishes.

The opposition called for the ouster of the cabinet minister.
The bouncer ousted the drunk; to oust the Prime Minister in the next election.
by ouster July 13, 2008
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