a job for women who think they are helping the community, not many people think they are.
Mitchell: "hey ben tell a joke!"


by women suck July 28, 2005
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a bunch of idiot feminists that think women need more rights than men which is bullshit because men are physically stronger than women and have more jobs for men because of that reason and some things that are crap like when a guy gets chosen for a band over a girl because she's a girl that's not right also Im saying women aren't strong I'm saying that men should have more tougher jobs than women
dumb feminist: we deserve more rights than men! Womens rights!
smart guy: ok have fun being weak in the military!
by Conservative guy101 March 18, 2019
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Women have WHAT!!???
Example of lack of women rights:
Wife: Can we go out tonight?
Husband: Why are you talking? Make my food
by Benero April 28, 2009
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"I support women's rights!"
"fuck you bitch ass dumbass headass fatass looking ass nigga women's rights dont exist"
by toogoodatgoodbyes March 5, 2022
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Defined by logical people: Everything men have, women get. Everything women have, men get.

Defined by politicians and women: Everything men have, women get. Everything women have, they keep.
Today, virtually anything exclusive to men (clubs, groups, etc) are being attacked by women's groups for not allowing women, yet there are hundreds of things (colleges, clubs, etc) exclusive to women that weren't even asked to admit men.
by BusinessMan May 17, 2005
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The basic concept that, because men and women are all humans, we deserve to be equal.
It is NOT the idea that women are better than men.
Asshole: Fucking feminazis think they're so much better than men.

Every women's rights activist ever: NOOOO!!! WE'RE EQUAL!! IS IT THAT FUCKING DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?!!??!
by a femnist August 13, 2013
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