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when you finally realize that dabbing is retarded and that every time you do it, you look like a complete lemming idiot.
Billy: The other day, I dabbed, and I hit a kid in the face! Hahah, what a loser!
Bob: Hey, you know dabbing is retarded and idiotic. Stop drooling on me, you cretin!
Billy: whoa! I just had an Anti-disestablishment un-premature dabbing revelation! I will never dab again!
by a babies goad May 4, 2017
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An intelligent person who is prone to making extremely stupid/idiotic mistakes.
Bob: What is a spoonerism?
Billy: It is when you have an sneurysm while apooning
Bob: Billy, you would be a special unit if you were intelligent.
Billy: But I am smart! My I.Q is -41
Bob: Why are you so stupid?
Billy: My mom is my sister!
Bob: That explains it.
Billy:My family tree has no branches!
Bob:Shut up.
Billy:I am a special unit!
Bob: If you don't shut up, I will kill you in the face.
by a babies goad April 18, 2017
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Something a gutt does that is especially gutty.
The other day, this gutt was gertering all over my lawn.
by a babies goad April 13, 2017
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descriptive of a gutt, or a fat cat.
that gutt is so obese and gutty.
by a babies goad April 14, 2017
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To wack someone in the forehead with a spoon. A defense method first developed by the British mafia in the 1990's.
"Today Billy Pilgrim wouldn't stop spooning me at lunch."
by a babies goad April 4, 2017
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