21 definitions by a babies goad

Trump uses a mixture of nacho cheese and cheeto dust to give his face that lavish orange look found only in old, rich, orange males.
Buy some today and look just like all your favorite fascist %@#holes!
by a babies goad April 14, 2017
To poke a gutt's nose in response to a gertering.
Whenever I beleepoh a bad gutt, it starts to gerter all over me, and then I'm naked, and I have AIDS.
by a babies goad April 13, 2017
when you finally realize that dabbing is retarded and that every time you do it, you look like a complete lemming idiot.
Billy: The other day, I dabbed, and I hit a kid in the face! Hahah, what a loser!
Bob: Hey, you know dabbing is retarded and idiotic. Stop drooling on me, you cretin!
Billy: whoa! I just had an Anti-disestablishment un-premature dabbing revelation! I will never dab again!
by a babies goad May 4, 2017
Did you know in 2011 there were 42.0852359209% more people born than people who died. This was due to the act of making babies.
by a babies goad May 5, 2017
....Or is it Syria? Either way, the cake was to die for
Iran into Trump's wall
by a babies goad April 18, 2017
descriptive of a gutt, or a fat cat.
that gutt is so obese and gutty.
by a babies goad April 14, 2017