One of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, so called because of being discovered by Galileo. The most volcanically active object in the Solar system.
Hey, look in my telescope: you can see Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
by antinous February 2, 2004
One of Jupiter's moons. It has colourful volcanic lava!!
"hey, did you know that Jupiter's moon, Io, has colourful volcanic lava?"
by riot ghouls rule July 30, 2021
Io is unfathomably large; it is said the largest dragon who ever lived is smaller than a single one of his scales, which are blue, gold, brass, or red, and edged with silver and dark purple. He can, and does, appear as any age or breed of dragon, however.
Mostly used to replace other gods as if to avoid being offensive

Person A: Hey dude, did you finish your homework last night?
Person B: Oh for the love of Io, I forgot.
by nappadarappa December 8, 2010
Piece of garbage that no one likes. Everywhere they walk curses the earth and the people around them. They deserve nothing, people lending them a hand and yet they’re still terrible to them.
Wow you’re such an Io
by Itchyrii September 27, 2020
The mobile operating system for Apple mobile products. Android and iOS are direct rivals. Personally, I believe Android is better for more advanced users, and iOS is for users who want a more simpleminded experience.
iOS is developed and maintained by Apple. It was created by Steve Jobs.
by Bhamilton0347 November 15, 2014
.io is the thing after a series of online games that is very popular lets play. lets play that. Nope and others
by Deltablue March 25, 2017
Kimmie nicknamed herself IO after falling for Ben's crap for time one hundred. I hate to agree but he sure doesn't seem to care much about her feelings.
by Shyantha December 20, 2006