Engaging in activities for a short period of time half-heartedly.
The Gymbro who lifts hard and eats right for 3 weeks and then doesn't bother for the rest of the year.

'Dude, Joey is always engaging in intermittent fuckeries. He trained hard for 2 weeks and then fucked off'

'Dude, Joey is such an intermittent fucker, he trained for like 3 weeks and hasn't bothered since'
by Adam LDN August 6, 2015
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A term often used in IT, Warranty repairs or Electronic repair in which a device such as a graphics card, gives faults at irregular intervals. A lazy fuck then refuses to fully test the device and then just defines the fault as "Intermittent problems", letting someone else, usually the manufacturer, resolve the problem.
Tech1:"this client says it randomly shuts down"
Tech2:"well i feel like being a lazy fuck today. mark as faulty with Intermittent problems and return to the supplier"
by RadRyu April 28, 2021
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Intermittent retention refers to the act of retaining one's semen or not ejaculating within a selected window of time, similar to how one would refrain from eating while doing intermittent fasting. There are many purported benefits of intermittent retention. This term is first coined by the app makers of Epic, which is a semen retention tracker.
He has an active sex life but he is doing intermittent retention to preserve his lifeforce.
by interesting_insights November 5, 2020
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More commonly known as I.A.S., those who are afflicted with Intermittent Asshole Syndrome are known mainly by their lack of a filter between the things they think, and what actually comes out of their mouths. I.A.S. is in the "Foot in Mouth Spectrum" of disorders and is highly contagious.

Once encountered, I.A.S. can take weeks or months to become evident or it may have acute onset, taking only moments. Sufferers are cynical, critical and vindictive on an intermittent basis. The sydrome is fairly common among management personnel and security and law enforcement officers. Intermittent Assholes are generally very likeable, fun-loving and sweet people. Alcohol typically intensifies symptoms. Some people with I.A.S. believe themselves to be very funny, and infact some truly are. Contact with customers or the public in general tends to exacerbate symptoms and increase the frequency and intensity of outbreaks.

True sociopathic behavior is not associated with I.A.S..

Treatment is still in development.
Sorry I cracked a joke when you told me something personal and expected me to take you seriously. My Intermittent Asshole Syndrome has been acting up
by Mcott73 August 22, 2010
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Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is a mood disorder commonly misdiagnosed as Bipolar. Characterized by illogical, over the top bursts of anger and rage. Episodes of this often end in legal problems due to the intensity of the rage. Common, and effective treatments for this disorder include mood stabilizer medication, self reflection and counseling. Breaking an episode down into parts helps identify triggers and the emotion that the anger overshadowed. Bipolar medications don’t often help to control the anger, just the frequency of the mood swings into a manic state, where anger prevails. Identifying triggers, such as a toxic influence, is very effective in managing the condition.
My doctor diagnosed me with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. He said my statement “Anger is my primary emotion” urged him to double check my previous bipolar diagnoses.
by Crazy is better than psycho October 31, 2020
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A word used by a student that just graduated from college but has no experience on the workforce.
James: The batteries on my radio died.

Alex: I believe that problem is intermittent.

*James replaced old batteries*

James: Good as new!
by Killercoke2 March 3, 2023
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a woman with very strong sexual desires, occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady.
I may be a pornstar but I'm an Intermittent Nympho at heart because I'll fuck like crazy for 2 weeks then be celibate a few months.
by MayanPrncss October 24, 2023
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