Time after which any type of device will stop working right.
Nick : 13 month after I bought it, my iPod doesn't work anymore.
Mom : I told you it wasn't going to last longer than the warranty.
by DaSNooZ November 24, 2008
the ability to return broken or normally un-returnable items to the store due to favortism for having a large chest.
mandi spilled water on her brand new macbook pro and got it replaced for free under the boob warranty.
by stacykiller December 4, 2010
When item is sold and delivered or dropped off by seller and the item comes with warranty as long as u can see the tailgate of the delivery vehicle. Once the tailgate is out of sight, your purchase is out of warranty.
Seller: I'll drop off your new stove later .

Buyer: does it have warranty?

Seller: it comes with certified tailgate warranty.

Buyer: wtf?

Seller: it has warranty as long as u can see my trucks tailgate!
by PappaChino July 13, 2017
Too buy an item from a store. If that item breaks you return to the store buy the same item again and return the broken one saying that you bought it broken.
Johhny bought a Playstation 3 and broke it. So he went out bought the same PS3 switched the broken one to the knew one and returned it saying it was broken and got his money back all cash, and thats what you call a nigga warranty.
by Greek Mafia January 13, 2007
This happens when a woman loses her virginity.

This allusion is derived from high-end electronic products, such as hard drives and 6th-generation-and-newer video game systems, where there is usually a seal which states that the manufacturer's warranty will be void if it's damaged or removed. The damage or absence of this seal will tell whether the product has been internally tampered with.

Likewise, a woman also has a seal, the hymen (which everyone usually calls the "cherry".) When a man plows through it with his meat missile, she's not a virgin any longer. The seal is broken, and her "warranty" is voided.
I heard the star quarterback took the head cheerleader out on a date this weekend... They parked down at "The Point", one thing led to another, and she got a voided warranty, if'n you know what I mean. But that's nothing compared to that geeky guy in the science club -- he managed to get laid here on campus, in the storage area! He's a LEGEND!
by Jason L. August 15, 2007