To slap a bit of white around the womb using the naughty paintbrush.
Friend 1 "Hey Picasso, did ya do any interior decorating last night?"
Friend 2 "Yeah, with your mom, zing."
by Jtron 3000 September 16, 2005
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Someone who killed 16 Czechoslovakians and who's house looks like shit.
Statement: you're not gonna believe this, the guy killed 16 czechoslovakians he was an interior decorator.

Response: his house looked like shit.
by imadegenerate June 11, 2021
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refers to "none of your f'ing business" in response to a job inquiry. Primarily because interior decorating is a job that anyone can perform and by this response you are avoiding to answer the actual question.
What is your job?
I am an interior decorator
by Billw5 March 11, 2008
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When you're having sex doggy style facing a wall, and you pick the person up and smash them through said wall.
The sex was good but aggressive; I tried to rough things up a bit and accidentally gave her the interior decorator.
by TheManSlut November 11, 2010
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A pseudo-elitist who thinks role-playing is a paid-by-the-word novel-writing business. They count post quality by length and adjectives, and will set fire to anyone who posts less than three paragraphs for any reason. They will go on about every minute object in the setting and exactly how every strand of hair on a person blows in the wind in order to get at least three long paragraphs for even a single line in a conversation. They like to say they are encouraging good writing skills.
Her shiney brown hair ruffled ever so slightly, a few amber bangs falling lightly across her forehead as she shifts what little weight she has from her left to her right foot. At this moment she is thinking twice about not deciding to get those free gel soles offered to her last Tuesday by her friend Matt, who just got into the business.
Matt was a tall fellow, about twenty-one years old who...
...And so she said, her voice soft and friendly as her smile, "No, thank you. I drink one percent."
by Adrian May 25, 2005
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After eating 50 buffalo wings and a McFlurry, you bend over in front of the wall and paint the walls with your spraying shit.
Dude, I just ate so much shit. I really think my bathroom needs some interior decorating. I'll be right back.

When we got back from wings to go, my friend paid me to interior decorate my bathroom. He did a pretty pleasant job; it had a full smell with a nutty note to it.
by Knowvis May 29, 2010
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