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When you hang your flaccid penis over a cat's head, the cat, believing it is a dangling toy, claws the tip of your penis until orgasm is achieved.

Clawjob can also be used in slang terms by saying Clawsdale.
Blaze: I just want Kesha to give me a softy right now.
Me: I want a fucking claw job right now. Trixy, get over here.

I was just trying to get ready for work this morning and I nutted everywhere because I got the greatest clawsdale of my life. Three swipes of the claw and I achieved nirvana.
by Knowvis May 29, 2010

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After eating 50 buffalo wings and a McFlurry, you bend over in front of the wall and paint the walls with your spraying shit.
Dude, I just ate so much shit. I really think my bathroom needs some interior decorating. I'll be right back.

When we got back from wings to go, my friend paid me to interior decorate my bathroom. He did a pretty pleasant job; it had a full smell with a nutty note to it.
by Knowvis May 29, 2010

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