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The desire to appear more intelligent, to be viewed as an intellectual. Common among teenagers, especially high-schoolers.

Intellectualism is composed of three tiers:

The first tier can be split into two groups. One group consists of junior poets and psychologists, those who think the have the world 'figured out'. This group generally believes that they are under far more stress than the average student, thus giving them more experience than their peers. The second first-tier group is made up of honors students. These students feel that, as honors students, they should sound the part. Thus, they try to add large words to their vocabulary, and go out of their way to tell others about their latest 'intellectual' endeavors, such as reading a book or watching the History Channel.

The second tier consists of those who dislike the first first-tier group. Oftentimes, members of this group view poetry and 'psychology' as lame attempts to appear intelligent (which, in theory, is correct). However, the second tier also tries to take unpopular stances in arguments, knowing that they have nothing to lose. After all, if they lose the argument, they were arguing an impossible point of view and put up a valiant effort. In their favor, the second tier is, on a whole, smarter than the first first-tier group, but really beats the intellectual theory to death. Also, they fail to realize that there are very few children who think that they are smarter than others solely on the grounds that they deal with more stress.
There is a surprising amount of these people that post on

And the third tier, I suppose, consists of those who think that they have the second tier figured out. I put myself into this group, but I can't really think of any others in it with me. I'm sure that there are others, but they aren't snooty enough to talk openly about it.
This definition, I suppose, is an example of intellectualism.
by Diggity Monkeez January 30, 2005
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Bullshit. If you try to describe it, you're technically practicing it. It's just a stupid infinite loophole of edginess.
This definition is Intellectualism...
by Dede1751 June 17, 2018
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