The most beautiful girl in the world. she is the best girlfriend and is really funny. Has a GREAT body that no one can resist and is really smart. But don't piss her off cause she will go off on you. If you meet an Ingrid, marry her!
Jealous guy: hey man i heard you were dating Ingrid
Lucky guy: yeah man shes so sexy!!!
Jealous guy: could you shut up, everyone is jealous already
by DAT COUNTRY KID January 15, 2011
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A mother with great compassion, unrivaled listening skills, who is always open for a good chat. She is always there for you with a supportive word and a loving hug. The best mother there is!
You mum is such an Ingrid!
by stussi_52 October 04, 2010
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coolest asian person on earth, likes anime, means beautiful, and always right, loves long walks on the beach and frosted cheerios.
ingrid pones everyone on gunz.
by ingridchachacha July 07, 2006
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