Someone who does not believe what you believe, when you are a religious fundamentalist.
"Death to the infidels!"
by KHD October 18, 2003
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One who is to be ridiculed. Especially one who disagrees with your point of view or a Microsoft executive.
by Lord of Defectiveness March 29, 2004
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An absolute mong who has no idea wtf they are on about
The earth is flat
‘Shut up Rowan u infidel
by Rowano grevious April 28, 2018
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Someone who refuses to live his/her life according to the terms dictated by an old book which is a compilation of bizarre superstitions and fictitious tales. Infidels usually have a brain of their own and they choose to use it on a daily basis. Some infidels are atheists, some are agnostic and some are spiritual.
Christian priest: Let there be light...
Muslim priest: La ilaha illallah...
Hindu priest: Om namah shivaaya...
Buddhist priest: Om mani padme hum...

Infidel: No thanks.
by Lateralligator April 28, 2010
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unfaithfulness to a sexual partner.
Lack of loyalty or religious belief
by Mmm SeanPaul September 25, 2003
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a threesome you weren't invited to
She said she wasn't committing an infidelity, just that I wasn't invited to this ménage à trois. She promises she'll take me alpine skiing with the next guy she picks up.
by partytrap February 24, 2013
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Going outside of a monogomous relationship for sexual intercourse, companionship, or attention. Cheating.
Infidelity is a nicer way of saying my wife makes my tuna with other guys' mayonaise?
by needmaps March 8, 2012
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