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A penis that is carrying an STD
I heard Johnny banged that slut raw the other night. Now there’s a good chance he has an infected mushroom.
by O.E.G November 25, 2019
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Totally F-ing sweet psy-trance techno group from Israel.
When I heard Infected Mushroom play at Organix last night, I totally shit my pants. God they are sweet.
by TheSavaryLife January 22, 2005
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Producing music together since the late 1990s as Infected Mushroom, Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen have gained much recognition and fame for the style and prowess of their music making abilities, especially in the area of blending electronic and organic sounds together. But in the last five or so years of IM’s existence, controversy over style has made many devoted fans bitter over the artists’ attempts to expand their sound. Type “Infected Mushroom” into Google, and you will easily find dozens of forums of people complaining about IM's new direction. For future reference, IM’s "old" stuff is music produced mainly from their albums Classical Mushroom, BP Empire, The Gathering, and Converting Vegetarians, CD 1. IM's "new" stuff is everything from Converting Vegetarians CD2 and later. This classification is not exact, just a vague categorization of art.

Often, people’s complaints are that they hate the "lame" lyrics, the "simple" chords, the "poor" singing abilities of the artists, and especially the drift away from their original sound, GOA Psychedelic Trance. Conversely, many fans love the new trend in IM’s sound. It might be possible to say that the negative reactions are caused by people who are closed-minded to change. They liked the original sound, and want more of it; they don’t want the artist to move on to new stuff they don’t like and aren’t used to. They hate the addition of significant lyrics, and other "new" sounds.

IM has already proved that they have complete mastery over the Goa Psy Trance Genre. Now they move on to conquer new territory, trying new things, bringing along the knowledge, skill, and unique blend of acoustic and electronic sounds from the past that made them popular in the first place. IM is morphing their sound and ignoring genre barriers. It’s out of the box.

Weather or not its IM’s intent to produce revolutionary music, they are nevertheless slowly breaking ground in new genres. Like the Beatles, IM is producing a respectable amount of music over time, and with their growing popularity, are becoming increasingly influential. If IM continues to produce quantities of great music and continues to branch out, it should have a deep impact on the music of the future. The Beatles broke ground in different genres, too, in blues and country. Most of their songs had simple chord progression and the subject matter was usually about girls. But you can’t deny that the Beatles have had a long lasting impact on the world’s music ever since.
Other notes:
The mechanics of the US media now and how the media, the RIAA and Hollywood control what is mainstream based off of –money- has unprecedented power over which artists get heard who which stay underground. This effects a band’s influence significantly. Bands usually become mainstream when they begin to make enough money on their own for one of the larger record labels’ greed to overcome their caution, at which point they buy out the Artist’s soul, and whore it on said media for the rest of the RL noobs to eat up.

Infected Mushroom gets better the more I listen to it. Unlike plenty of recycled mainstream crap.

Other example bands of recommendation: Fischerspooner, an electronic pop band, though with only two albums out atm. Gorillaz, also another band that incorporates electronic sounds into their music, though to a lesser extent and in different ways. Gorillaz could possibly be considered mainstream.
by Desalora June 07, 2007
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The best psy trance artists ever.

Erez and Amit Duvdevany from Israel have sold more than 250,000 albums world-wide and more than one million people have flocked to see them live. Brothers who were classically trained, hated it, but now extremely grateful towards their mother because their classical music skills greatly contributes to writing their own music.

Infected Mushroom playing live is simply astonishing. They actually PLAY LIVE, with synthesizers, electric guitars that are crazily tuned, and singing. In Israel and Brazil they are treated as proper rock stars.

Even though psy trance is much deeper underground than trance, Infected Mushroom has sustained places in the top 50 DJ Mag polls. Their albums include Israliens and one of their best tracks is Arabian Nights on Mescaline.
OMGuh just listen to IM's tracks! You'd have to be on magic mushrooms to make this kind of music!

Infected Mushroom's coming to Peru? Let's go and get infected!
by dj DTK May 10, 2006
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N. An incredible trance artist or group. I honestly have no idea which.
Did you hear the new Infected Mushroom track?
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
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A good psytrance/goa group. Ruined by 15 year olds who obsess over them and say "OMG YOUR SO EMO" if you don't listen to it.
Infected Mushroom is a great group.
by Blahb March 18, 2005
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