16 definitions by Dogger Dude

A wet fart that bubbles out of your anus
We were watching the football game today and Scottie ripped a bubblah fart. All I heard was the ripple and it stunk to high heaven.
by Dogger Dude March 10, 2018
A cock hog is a woman that wants all the cock to herself. It doesn’t necessarily need to in a orgy style fashion, although she certainly would want to dominate in that scenario as well. Sometimes it can be a matter of just not letting another woman get the attention of a man.
Daisy is a real cock hog. She fucked Ricky at the party the other night and then blew Jimmy cause she was jealous he was flirting with another woman. She wants all the attention to herself.
by Dogger Dude May 21, 2021
One who habitually visits Asian massage parlors
Scottie has been down at the Asian massage joint 3 times this week. That kid is a raging parlor monger.
by Dogger Dude July 10, 2018
The art of farting in a location, leaving the location and returning minutes even sometimes hours later to the smell of the fart still going strong.
Scottie parked a fart today in the car on the way to the gas station. We stopped to pump gas, went inside and I got a coffee and he got some smokes. When we got back in the car it still smelled like ass.
by Dogger Dude February 18, 2018
Scottie visited the Asian massage parlor. After his massage, Mimi went to rub his winkee but Scottie signaled that he wanted her to suck it. She ripped off some Saran Wrap and placed it over his one eye to perform the SWBJ.
by Dogger Dude June 8, 2021
Kristy shaved her head in high school. Dennis really enjoyed the feeling of her shaved scalp while she gave him a bald beej.
by Dogger Dude October 10, 2019
A slang word for oral sex. Similar to head, skull or dome.
by Dogger Dude November 8, 2021