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The best psy trance artists ever.

Erez and Amit Duvdevany from Israel have sold more than 250,000 albums world-wide and more than one million people have flocked to see them live. Brothers who were classically trained, hated it, but now extremely grateful towards their mother because their classical music skills greatly contributes to writing their own music.

Infected Mushroom playing live is simply astonishing. They actually PLAY LIVE, with synthesizers, electric guitars that are crazily tuned, and singing. In Israel and Brazil they are treated as proper rock stars.

Even though psy trance is much deeper underground than trance, Infected Mushroom has sustained places in the top 50 DJ Mag polls. Their albums include Israliens and one of their best tracks is Arabian Nights on Mescaline.
OMGuh just listen to IM's tracks! You'd have to be on magic mushrooms to make this kind of music!

Infected Mushroom's coming to Peru? Let's go and get infected!
by dj DTK May 10, 2006

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