A state of southwestern India; a former Portuguese colony.. known for its clean beaches , coconut trees , good weather ,amazing goan food and beautiful friendly people. a good place to chill-out , and a great venue for acid/rave/trance parties.
goa is also a genre of music. and people all over the world listen to goa and enjoy it.. they also have goa parties all over the world . in other words.. goa is awesome.. everybody should experience it.
goa gil, infected mushroom, sst, gms . places -anjuna, baga, clangute.
by sheldonn December 27, 2005
Goa is the name of a sub-genre of Trance that has roots all the way back to the province of Goa in India. It is characterized by its use of a driving 4/4 beat (some goa is in 3/3), a trance-inducing melody(usually in an eastern or indian set of notes a.k.a. scale) that is performed by various synthesizers (not all of it is done with a roland TB-303, God, that would be boring as hell), and various effects like teleport zapping, blasts, and pitch bending cracks that help to create a mystical like state to a listener. Lastly, goa is TRANCE, not techno. Duh. Oh yeah, and psytrance is just a broken down more mechanical version of goa, if you were wondering.
Artists include infected mushroom, dreamchild, astral projection, GMS, sun project, etc.
by psytrancer July 1, 2004
Goa is a unique part of India, once a colony of Portugal. If you are in any major multicultural city (Toronto, London, Dubai), you will find Indian people with Portuguese last names, they are generally from Goa.

Also a form of trance music. See Goa Trance.
"Is that kid Spanish?"
"No, hes Goan, he has Portuguese ancestry, thats why he has that last name and is brown at the same time"
by D351 August 12, 2006
1. A part of India, once a popular vacationing spot.
2. A sub-type of trance music that originated from Goa (see above). It is characterized by it's psychedelic sounds.
by Mlex August 5, 2003
A subgenre of wordtrance/word alongside wordpsytrance/psytrance with a psychedelic sound about it.

Music that brings the listener closer to the cracks in reality.
audiophile 1: "Juno Reactor is a goa artist"

audiophile 2: "I would include ASTRAL PROJECTION in that grouping too."
by Newtype November 10, 2003
Game Offline Again, a french company which runs the european version of DAOC (lookup DAOC).

Dman GOA!!1
by Anonymous March 5, 2003
a genre of electronic music, characterized by the overuse of the roland 303 synthesizer. however, the creative expression of the overall song is alive and allows for the listener to "travel" to another place.
i love listening to goa trance. it makes me feel so dreamy.
by LINE February 14, 2003