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The worst band ever. Most of the fans are teenyboppers who have rabies and are brainwashed by MTV and VH1. Guys who listen to them are brainwashed into thinking they are punk. Listen kids, go listen to Nirvana or Yellowcard. Those bands are not pop rock like Simple Plan (mor lyk stupid plan m i rite) is.
by Blahb January 23, 2005
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What most preppy teenage girls are.
teenybopper/prep:OMG 50 CENT/JAY Z/PIERRE BOUVIER/JEFF STINCO/BILLY MARTIN/JOEL MADDEN/BENJI MADDEN/BRAD PITT/any other stuck-up snobby rich celebrity IS SO HOT I WANT TO HAVE 9764325325496545476549874398542687592176421879921070174096406386986139043143106 OF HIS BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Blahb July 28, 2005
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Everyone has feelings. Emotional feelings. Yet all the faggots that listen to psytrance and rap crap deny they have any and anyone that does is an "emo pussy". Yeah right. Stop denying you have feelings and stop trying to "buff up" your "masculinity". You do have feelings. And for the guy who said "feelings are for bitches":

Go fuck yourself. Go out driving your riced out Civic blaring your rap music. You don't deserve to be on here.
faggot: I don't have feelings.

Me: Yes you do.

faggot: Go away emo pussy.
by Blahb April 16, 2005
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The way retarded snotty arrogant narcicist cocky Nightwish-obsessed pricks spell or "speel" Green Day.

Me: No. It's GREEN DAY YOU IDIOT. And they are better than Nightwish.
by Blahb April 23, 2005
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A group of fucking small minded idiotic slutty girls who think they are better than everyone else and go around talking about how hot some guy is or how non popular Emily is. They usually wear clothes that reveal their dry vaginas and flat chest. They usually listen to pop music such as Avril Lavinge and Good Charlotte and call themselves "PUNK ROCKAZ". They also over use "OH MY GOD" and "LIKE".
prep named amy: LYK OMG BRAD PITT IS SO HOT

other prep named jenna: LYK OMG I AGREE

Me: Shut the fuck up you stupid teenybopper bitches.
by Blahb April 6, 2005
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A bunch of kids who are popular at school. Usually very snotty and arrogant and call themselves either "PUNK" or "GANGSTAZ" and usually are white suburban kids who think they are black street kids. They usually go around with G-Unit shirts, "BLING BLING", acting "propa hard". They usually hate rock music "because it ain't gangsta like us". See popular and jock.
cool kid: yo yo yo foo i beat you up cuz you ain't gangsta and you a nerd yo.

A kid named Jake: Oh sure. Go ahead you big headed snot nosed bitch.
by Blahb April 9, 2005
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