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The worst band ever. Most of the fans are teenyboppers who have rabies and are brainwashed by MTV and VH1. Guys who listen to them are brainwashed into thinking they are punk. Listen kids, go listen to Nirvana or Yellowcard. Those bands are not pop rock like Simple Plan (mor lyk stupid plan m i rite) is.
by Blahb January 23, 2005
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Anywhere north or east of the areas of NYC and Long Island. Contains The Great Escape theme park in the village of Lake George, Fun Spot in the city Queensbury, and Camp Chingachgook on the shores of Lake George. Has lots of wiggers in the Alvany metro area. Not many hicks. Very rural. Kind of like a mini version of North Dakota.
I live in Round Lake, a village in Upstate New York.
by Blahb December 26, 2005
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A person that supposedly wears huge glasses and baggy pants, but in reality don't. They are in touch with their emotions, and when they are with friends, are usually very happy and laughing. They are not stupid pussies that cut their wrists and write angsty poems. They are sick of seeing rich white suburban kids that have a nice home in New Haven acting like they come from the ghettos of LA. All emo haters are either wiggers (like describes in the last sentence) or trend-obsessed MTV losers. Oh, and here is something for all the immature kids that posted that anti-emo people definitions:

Shut up. The music you listen is mostly about pimps, bitches, and riding on 24's, while the music emo kids listen to actually mean something.
Wigger: yo u suk u emo kid go slit ur wrists

emo kid: No.

wigger: y ur emo

emo kid: Because I don't cry myself to sleep and I don't make stereotypes true.
by Blahb February 22, 2005
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A long higway that runs from Champlain, NY (canadian border), all the way down to some town in Deleware. It passes through New York, New Jersey, and Deleware.
I dont't want to be just like you.
by Blahb March 11, 2005
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A shitty game that fucking sucks. It's easy as hell and all the steps are just eigth note streams, and that's on Heavy difficulty. People that play are always saying "OMUG DA MAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA 3030303030303030 IS DA HAREDST SNOG EVA!1!1!!11!!!!!". Guys, go play ITG, which is actually hard.
A plan devised by the Japanese to destroy American culture as we know it.
by Blahb March 10, 2005
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Everyone has feelings. Emotional feelings. Yet all the faggots that listen to psytrance and rap crap deny they have any and anyone that does is an "emo pussy". Yeah right. Stop denying you have feelings and stop trying to "buff up" your "masculinity". You do have feelings. And for the guy who said "feelings are for bitches":

Go fuck yourself. Go out driving your riced out Civic blaring your rap music. You don't deserve to be on here.
faggot: I don't have feelings.

Me: Yes you do.

faggot: Go away emo pussy.
by Blahb April 16, 2005
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What most preppy teenage girls are.
teenybopper/prep:OMG 50 CENT/JAY Z/PIERRE BOUVIER/JEFF STINCO/BILLY MARTIN/JOEL MADDEN/BENJI MADDEN/BRAD PITT/any other stuck-up snobby rich celebrity IS SO HOT I WANT TO HAVE 9764325325496545476549874398542687592176421879921070174096406386986139043143106 OF HIS BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Blahb July 28, 2005
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