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A word used by arrogant assholes to make them seem like they are the most beatiful person ever and the person that they are calling "ugly" as a lower lifeform.
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by Blahb March 26, 2005

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A bunch of white kids who think they are hardcore gangsters from the ghettos and listen to "phat beats" such as Blazin' Squad and So Solid Crew, which they think is gangster music, when it is no more than pop music with annoying "raps" and "beats". They are usually popular at school and go around acting "propa hard" beating up and pushing around anyone that's not popular or a chav like them. They also like to call anyone that likes rock music a "goff" "mosha" or "grunga". Avoid these mindless fuckwits at any chance you can.

See wigger
jhbsdgbhgfjhbfg fgiuhdfbnhldfg m,nfgjkbfgjkbndhfbjk
by Blahb May 03, 2005

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A word used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster to describe something "cool"/stupid and used to describe how "gangsta"/gaudy their wigger friend's ricer is.

Me: No. It is insanely gaudy.
by Blahb April 14, 2005

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A kick ass progressive metal band from NY. They constantly get tons of shit from stupid preps (see: sluts and teenybopper) who listen to crappy pop music such as Nsync and Backstreet Boys and tons of other pop shit. Preps and jocks have no claim to call good music shit because the music they listen to is shit.
prep: hey dream theater sux nsync rulz man


Me: The music you listen to is shit.
by Blahb May 06, 2005

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A male, usually popular, who goes around bossing around everyone except for fellow jocks and cheerleaders and acts like he's the shit. He goes around the city blaring 50 Cent or Eminem in his riced out econobox that has about 100 horsepower and tons of insanely gaudy exterior shit and no power producing parts which my MOM'S FUCKING RAV4 could easily smoke. He likes to fuck cheerleaders he barely knows day after day, getting them pregnant at the age of 15. Makes you wonder why the fuck they are "popular", doesn't it?
Take you away, from that empty apartment.........
by Blahb May 04, 2005

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A good band from Newark, New Jersey. They make punk/emo/pop rock. They fucking rule.

And to the kids who say ''OMFG MCR SUX!!1!11!!11!!1", shut up. Go back to listening to your Lil Jon & Eastside boys or Petey Pablo.
My Chemical Romance rule.
by Blahb February 10, 2005

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1. The body of Christ.
2. A big coastal city in Texas, home of Whataburger.
YO D00D corpus christi
by Blahb December 30, 2004

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