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Totally F-ing sweet psy-trance techno group from Israel.
When I heard Infected Mushroom play at Organix last night, I totally shit my pants. God they are sweet.
by TheSavaryLife January 22, 2005

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Probably the coolest place on earth, the only known problems with it being:
1) the unparalleled snobbiness of its residents
2) how unbelievably fuckin cool all of its young summer inhabitants are
3) the fact that, once you visit, you will be changed for ever and will never want to leave
"My buddy Keith invited me to his cabin on this strange little island. On arrival, my pants filled at the picturesque beauty of it all, and have been doing so constantly ever since. My first visit was 13 years ago tomorrow."
by TheSavaryLife December 10, 2004

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