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(n). The most unstoppable character in Bleach and perhaps every anime. Has the ability to make a fly look like a dragon and make hair gel out of glasses. He can solo everyone no matter how powerful or big the army is.

(v). to defeat or pwn in one hit
Ex: Fighting Aizen is like fighting God. You simply can't win.

Ex: Ha! You just got aizened by my pimp slap.
by MrRicksterr December 05, 2011
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Aizen (I'zen)
1. Super trolling villain from bleach.
v. aizen (I'zen)
2. Ability to one shot and troll your enemies with just the movement of one arm.
I aizened that plot. Dude that shit was aizened. Gin got aizened.
by aizentrollkubo August 05, 2010
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1: a ridiculously overpowered anime character from the anime/ manga series BLEACH.

2: to totally destroy somone so badly that the dont even realise it untill several seconds later.
"i really like that aizen fellow"

"holy crap.. i think i just got aizened"
by usagininjin September 24, 2007
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A character from Bleach that is extremely powerful and NEVER dies. He seems to be a superman wanna-be at first, but he 'evolves' at random times. Recently, he is a butterfly...

That is right. The most powerful character in Bleach is now a f*cking butterfly. Fear his butterfly-ness.
Aizen is now a butterfly.

Aizen needs to die soon because no one likes him -____-

Hey! Look! A butterfly! No, wait... That's just Aizen
by Kittykat822 August 18, 2010
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to totally demolish someone so that they don't even realize it until after they die. Only Chuck Norris and Aizen can attempt this type of pwnage.
Noob: Yo, I totally got headshotted by that guy using the ak.

Noob2: Haha, You just got aizened up the ass.
by GunGame September 21, 2010
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1.Aka "HAXX" or "God Mode:Enabled",Aizen is the primary protagonist in the anime/manga Bleach.

2.To completely pwn someone beyond comprehension.

Simply type "Aizen pwn" in,if you don't get the picture
1.Aizen is definitely the most powerful character in Bleach.

2.Damn,you just got Aizen'd by him in Halo.
by BlackHaze17 March 24, 2008
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1)To beat the crap out of someone while provoking them at the same time.

2)A person who loves listening to their own voice.
3) To have everything go according to the plan.
1)Noob: " H-How could you..?

Me:" Boy I totally aizened you"
2)Me: *talks all the time*

Friend: " Gosh.. you are such an aizen"
3)Boy:" The goldfish just died"

Me:" Yes I aizened that"
by Probably_a_narcissist November 06, 2017
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