A large lizard that lives in Indonesia's Lesser Sudan Islands. They are pretty much certified killing machines. They can grow to be more than ten feet long, and can run up to 12 miles per hour, though some can go faster. And not to add to their terror, they are versatile swimmers and can swim up to ten miles per hour. Komodo Dragons not only have deadly bacteria in their mouths, but also a potent poison that can kill you in up to five hours. The Komodo prefer to bite their prey, and then wait for it to die. Eating this partially rotted carrion is why they have the deadly bacteria in their mouths. The Komodo Dragons have developed an antibody to the bacteria so it doesn't harm them. Even with these terrifying beast inhabiting the Lesser Sudan Islands, humans still live on the Islands. To adapt to this... convince, the people have built houses on stilts, so the Komodo can not get in their homes. But do not blame these creatures for being so terrifying, they evolved that way to help them survive. Instead of hating them, we should help save them. The Komodo Dragons are endangered, only 6,000 left. Please help save these magnificent creatures.
That has deadly Saliva
Dude look it's a Komodo Dragon
by GigaNegro September 6, 2016
Much like the angry dragon, when the girl is blowing you and your about to cum thrust your dick into the back of her throat causing the cum to exit through her nose... unlike the angry dragon when you thrust, you cause her to puke all over your dick.
I threw the bitch off my boat after i gave her the Komodo Dragon.
by Sammy Tucker January 14, 2009
Unlike the popular Angry Dragon-esque Komodo Dragon, this sexually enticing activity requires much more skill to perform. When both partners are ready for intercourse, one leaves the room saying that they need to get one more thing first. The other partner lays in bed ready for the tease to be over. The partner then returns to the room with a real komodo dragon, unleashes it into the room, and locks the door. After a bloody battle to the death, the victor receives sexual favors from the partner outside during the commotion. However, this practice normally turns out fatal for both partners. I mean come on, you can't win a fight with a komodo dragon, and I dare you to try to fuck one.
its a komodo dragon! Kill it and we'll fuck ;)
by B4LL_P1T_G0L3M January 10, 2011
A nasty fart inherited in a martial art type manner in which the result of the flatulence is directed towards a foe.
Kyle: "Did John just walk over and komodo dragon on you?"
Ben" Yeah, it was really fucking disgusting."
by marmarfaggots November 26, 2017
A fighting ritual, often utilized by drunk fraternity members, in which the chest is puffed out and placed on the chest of an opponent while using verbal abuse and head/shoulder movement to intimidate their foe. Rarely results in an actual fight. The act is very similar to the way Komodo Dragons settle territory or mating disputes.
John: "I heard there was a bit of a row last night behind the quad."

Thomas: "Yeah, but it was just a couple of bro's with tribal art tattoos Komodo Dragon fighting."

by Woodrodius August 12, 2008
when a professional sports team loses by 50+ points.
The New Orleans Hornets recieve a Komodo Dragon Cumslanging every time they step on the court.
by Sports Pimps March 24, 2005