Also called J-Town.

Capital city of Indonesia.

One of the busiest cities in the world.

If you can drive in Jakarta, you can drive anywhere else. It's so true.

This could be the best and the worst place you could ever go. You can find the nicest- coolest people in this city but also rude ones who don't give a crap about you.

The city where money talks and takes control.

UPS: beautiful and wild nightlife, awesome shopping spots, coolest music and fashion scene, best malls in the South East Asia!

DOWNS: traffic jams, busy, crowded, polluted city.

But it's always party in Jakarta!
Guy A: You know what? I got stuck in traffic jam for 3 hours straight this morning.

Guy B: Well, what do you expect? It's fucking Jakarta!
by NolasB September 22, 2008
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Besides as the largest city in the world, Jakarta is the capital of art and culture, best food, nice people, gorgeous girls, great parties and rave, great Jazz fest, and every happenings that happening is here, Jakarta..
Singapore is so small, KL is boring, lets head to Jakarta!
by dikku December 5, 2008
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Pilot: request for landing
ATC: Wellcome to hell, Jakarta international runway clear for landing
by Ahox November 12, 2018
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a shithole city in indonesia, its the capital, actually. loaded with pollution and traffic, mainly traffic. never ever visit.
after my visit to jakarta, i heard the "beep beep" of all the fucking cars ringing in my head for a week. fucking shit hole.
by omnomnomyomom March 16, 2011
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A lovable, yet shitty city. Once you come, you will never leave. My parents are expats from richer countries and still chose to stay here.

1. Some people are kind.
2. Food is cheap in warungs.
3. If ur a rich bratty chinese indonesian who runs on ur daddy's money pacific place and plaza indonesia will be ur palace.
1. Rich bratty chinese
2. Traffic is as long as johnny sin's big d.
3. Education is shit
"Jakarta is beautiful."
by drier than the atacama May 19, 2022
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The act of yelling out JAKARTA! Before farting on the girls face while she’s eating your booty
My boyfriend yelled out Jakarta while I ate his booty now I have pinkeye
by Jonnyhone July 29, 2019
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Definately coolest place in Asia, you can buy anything, drink anything, eat anything, and dance to anything in JKT. Going there? Walk around anywhere. Best time ever. Try not to get robbed.
Guy/Girl 1- Wow, post 1 for jakarta is really crap...
Guy/Girl 2- Yeah no kidding, Jakarta kicks ass
by Coza June 8, 2006
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