Please don't search "Inbred"on Google Images...
by Ben Reave February 14, 2012
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When brother and sister love each other very much.....
Danny: I’m pretty sure his cousins are his siblings.

Charles: He’s inbred!?
by PuddsPudding April 27, 2018
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A ugly mug who's parents are cousins
Bruv...adam is SUCH AN INBRED!!
by funnyboy1990 July 30, 2008
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A person or people that lives in White Sulphur Springs
Look at that inbred from WSS, she looks kind of like a man
by Doctor Skinnfloot December 4, 2014
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A person, or "Thing", that is born from an Incest relationship.
the man from down the Street was inbred, he had eight fingers on one hand and two on the other. He one messed up Dirty Ghetto Waste Gash.
by xXRoNXxWarriors <Xbox Gamertag December 21, 2008
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Someone from either West Virginia, Minong Wisconsin, or the deep south. Are created by making children from other members of their family. This usually happens because they are so ugly the only other people that will have sex with them is members of their family. Easily noticable by lack of teeth, looking like they have been hit by a train, or bad english.
Billy is an inbred because he is his own grandfather.

Sally sue's daddy is also her cousin.
by inbreddisliker November 11, 2008
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Cousin fuckers. Dirty ugly poor people who marry their cousins or husband's brother.
Damn, look at that woman. She married her husband's brother. What a cousin fucking inbred.
by pujkjj November 14, 2008
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