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In the cone is a state of mind similar to being in the zone. However, the subject is only preforming at a high level of skill due to some sort of manipulation of the rules or dishonest behavior resulting in an unfair advantage.
Person#1: Wow look at John McCain answer those questions at the Saddleback Civil Forum on August 16th 2008.
Person#2: Yeah he is so on top of these responses; he's hitting them out of the park.
Person #3: John McCain is In the Cone!
by fungi81 August 19, 2008
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The art of grabbing a McDonalds ice-cream cone from the ice cream end just to weird out the McDonalds Worker. can also be done various other ways such as scooping the ice cream onto you face for warrior paint
Did you see that maccas workers face when we were coneing them the other day!
by motownbroooooo June 14, 2011
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Australian for;
1. Marijuana. One cone = One completely packed and smoked bong.
2. To smoke weed through a bong.
1. "I smoke about 15-25 cone's a day."
2. "Shit, we've got nothing to eat for breakfast, let's just smoke some cones."
by Diego August 30, 2003
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In NZ, the art of placing roadcones in eccentric high-up spots e.g. statues, church spires, tall trees and traffic lights; usually done late at night as a dare and/or for the lulz by groups of bored school kids or dero thirty-somethings on the turps. Common during major roadworks in built-up urban areas. Spates of low-effort repeat offenses draw negative attention from the police, but they have been known to applaud well-executed cone operations that demonstrate a level of skill in scaling buildings/structures.
Must be school holidays, someone's coned the traffic lights at the SH1 intersection.

Let's cone that statue ow.
by wiremu the wise April 2, 2020
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the act of buying a ice cream cone through a drive-through and grabbing it by the ice cream itself not the cone. (generally known as the new planking)
noah went through the drive through at mcdonalds for a coning session to the workers disbelief!
by bdbnjb June 25, 2011
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The cone was a once powerful god who was betrayed by his brother and sister gods because he was to awesome
Hey dude The Cone is so much better then us lets get him
by Cone lover 94 November 16, 2011
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A cone is the bowl of a bong where the weed is put.
"Can I pinch a cone?"

"Lemme just rip this cone quick"
by devvonshire May 17, 2007
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