people who are aware of how retarded you are and still manage to be seen in public with you. people who make you laugh till you pee your pants. people who cry for you when one of your special items disappear. when you dont have enough money to get a ice cream, they chip in. knows all of your internet passwords. who would never make you cry just to be mean.
I think I have a lot of friends that would fit this perfectly.
by kimi smith May 26, 2006
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Or Friend+
Friends who have feelings for one another but are not dating yet still fool around sexually, and as such are not restricted from dating other people and talking about those dates together like friends do.

Different from FWB - friends with benefits - which denotes friends who are just friends and sex partners but are not interested in dating romantically.

Friends+ do not have what it takes to actually date each other. Could be time, like both are in grad school and working full time and other family obligations. Or, emotionally unable to tie themselves to another person because the last relationship left them too scarred. But, there is mutual interest in potential romance.

Often the friends+ relationship looks from the outside exactly like two very busy people dating, but neither is willing to call it dating.

On social media it is referred to with #f+
“I thought you were dating Michelle?”
“No, we’re friends+. We might date when we graduate.”
by RennyRenwick February 20, 2018
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another way of saying that a person is not sexually attractive.
"I'm really flattered, but I only like you as a friend."
by Carlo May 26, 2004
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means you can buy me things, put up with my bullshit, but you ain't getting laid.
Oh Steve, I just think of you as a friend, not someone I'd fuck or want to see naked.
by steve May 29, 2004
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Used to "soften the blow" when you're about to be frank with someone about their lesser qualities, or when giving advice they might not want to hear.
"I'm telling you as a friend: If you're going on a date, you should take her out to to a restaurant, because your cooking really stinks."

"I'm telling you as a friend, you really shouldn't be drinking that much! I'm worried about you!"
by olpe June 5, 2004
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We all want to have THAT friend. That friend is someone who you would chose over any other of your friends, someone who you cannot imagine your life without, someone who knows all your orders everywhere, the one person you wanna call when you get good news, the person who means so much to you your just scared you'll lose them, but you wont because the will forever and always be your that friend.
Who is your that friend???
by Katherine and Henry March 26, 2020
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Used to draw the "no sex/physical intimacy" boundaries. Generally used for people who have an agreeable personality but no sex appeal. A nice way of saying "I could never get on you."
I know we've been dating a lot, but I just like you as a friend.
by Laura May 26, 2004
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