Someone who is more than a friend but is not technically your bestfriend.
My friend friend is the best person to talk to!
That’s my friend friend
by Slimroyaltyy September 25, 2018
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A heterosexual friend of a homosexual. Adapted from the term "Friends of Dorothy". While a heterosexual cannot (by definition) be a "Friend", they can of course be a confidante to someone who is a "Friend". There is, however, a distinction to be made vs. "friend of a friend", so you have to listen for the capital F.
You're worried about Him? No, he's cool. He's just a Friend of a Friend.
by HusbandofJoan March 11, 2009
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- the state of being occupied by friends and social activities in a short time frame
- to show/emphasize the abudant number of friends one may have
1. You are a very passionate, loyal and friendful person.
2. Wow, you have so many friends on facebook! You are so friendful!
3. Damn, lots of friendfulness tonight...
by Penguinxx July 17, 2011
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A common phrase used by YouTubers McNasty and Soup
"A JPEG of an Indian guy and nothing else"
by Pale Ale March 26, 2020
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A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you. A friend is honest and makes you want to be honest, too. A friend is loyal.

A friend is someone who is happy to spend time with you doing absolutely nothing at all; someone who doesn't mind driving you on stupid errands, who will get up at midnight just because you want to go on an adventure, and who doesn’t have to talk to communicate with you.

A friend is someone who not only doesn't care if you're ugly or boring, but doesn't even think about it; someone who forgives you no matter what you do, and someone who tries to help you even when they don't know how. A friend is someone who tells you if you're being stupid, but who doesn't make you feel stupid.

A friend is someone who would sacrifice their life and happiness for you. A friend is someone who will come with you when you have to do boring things like watch bad recitals, go to stuffy parties, or wait in boring lobbies. You don't even think about who's talking or who's listening in a conversation with a friend.

A friend is someone for whom you're willing to change your opinions. A friend is someone you look forward to seeing and who looks forward to seeing you: someone you like so much, it doesn't matter if you share interests or traits. A friend is someone you like so much, you start to like the things they like.

A friend is a partner, not a leader or a follower.
The word "friend" comes from Old English "frēond", which is actually the present participle of "frēogan", which means "to love" and "to honor".
by tangles10 April 29, 2010
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