Friends are people that get along with another person. They can only be the friends if they have differences that set them apart and have the odd argument. If you don't argue and them being around seems awkward, they are probably a fake friend, maybe pretending to be your friend for an audience, for fame, for your time and money or simply because they like you but is afraid to ask to be your friend.
They stand up for you against anything, because they are loyal and love you, and you should do the same back.

Friends will help out and will never talk badly about you behind your back or betray you in any way.
Mean person: You are so ugly!
Friend/ friends: Hey leave my friend alone!
You: Thanks ____
by DABFFS October 30, 2020
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Friending is another word for friend, commonly used by the YouTuber Soup. It is mostly used with a heavy indian accent.
by Hunky Skunk July 4, 2020
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A friend is someone who won't lie to you. They respect you for who you are and make every moment with you count. Time with your friends should be fun and you shouldn't have to change for them. Your friends should understand you and trust you. They help you with your problems and are always there when you are feeling down.
A friend cannot be replaced so don't even try.
by dancediva12345 April 1, 2011
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My "friend friend" is coming from the East to buy me a watch.
by JJ3451 December 5, 2006
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The three words that let you know that your (near) intimate relationship has come to an end. Usually delivered from female to male, it is the defining phrase that lets the "dropped" individual finally know that it is OVER.
Donna told him gently, "Dave, you know that I have always been very fond of you; but, now, I want to continue our relationship as just a friend."
by Joe Neubarth March 29, 2005
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Somebody who comes to your house and eats all of your food, (cheetos, doritos, pizza, etc,) and also uses your stuff with their cheeto dust hands.
"hey man, what happened to all of your snacks?" "aw man, my friend came over"
by tarylbody123 January 30, 2017
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