I'm so Illy - used in I'm Illy song by T.I.
in Paper Trail.
by wscarli September 20, 2008
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Slang term for a bong, specifically of the brand "Illadelph"
Yo, lemme hit the illy.
by BoofAss September 30, 2015
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illi is a VERY sexy girl and very popular, she’s basically a boy magnet!!
“she’s a leng one styl, she must be called illi init
by pineapplestarzzz June 01, 2020
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illy is a word that is recently used more in the hip-hop world. it could mean something is too good or very nice.
instead of saying "my watch is sick" which means my watch is very good, u can say "my watch is illy or ill"
by Lynch-Mobb June 28, 2009
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