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A leader of the pack, someone who everyone else follows
He never was one to follow the rules, he was a real trendsetter
by John Doe April 29, 2004
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Someone who is not only admired for their sense of style but also for their inner beauty and brains.
Check out those timeless trendsetters and beauty icons Jackie Kennedy and Gloria Vanderbilt! Wow, look at the modern 21st century trendsetter icons like Angelina Jolie, the Balash cousins and the Balash sisters and Grace Kelly!
by Brooke.Holsson September 06, 2014
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'Trend' relates to a sense of fashion, style, music or 'swagg' with dominant influence within the Hip-Hop community.

A 'Trend Setter' would be the source of that influence; the movement or artist who started it all.
Prodigy has been a big trend setter since Rap started.

Dr Dre has been and still continues to be a trend setter in this producing industry.

Whats on the mind of a trend setter on rap music?

by Fialeseshie 'GeneralREA$ON' October 13, 2008
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a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.
Everybody wants to be like Kayla. She is the best trend setter I've met.
by Firechik November 11, 2018
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When you are the first to do or have something that everyone else does or has, but not because it is cool. Used in a sarcastic manner.
Ex 1:
Joe: I'm sick.
Josh: I was sick first. Trend setter!

Ex 2:
Joe: I failed that test and now I'm gonna fail out of the class!
Josh: I failed out of that class last semester. Trend setter!
by Xpdr November 04, 2010
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Someone who wears what they think is cool. In my school being a trend setter is stupid, unless it is something cool, like a Soulja Boy Shirt. I'm not a trend setter but 1 day instead of A&F,Aero,or AE, I wore a soulja boy shirt and everyone loved it. This one guy said he but it for $20.
Trend Setter:Look at my shirt
Non-Trend Setters:Boooooooooooring Today

Trend Setter:Look at this Soulja boy shirt
Non-trend setters:WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It won't be boring if its something cool, like your shirt now, keep up the cool shirts. Tomorrow
by Trillesimo February 18, 2008
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Elton Gashi is the definition of trend setter
Person 1: Do you know the definition for trend setter
Person 2: Yes it’s Elton Gashi
via giphy
by Big Bald Men February 10, 2020
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