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When you have no idea what someone is asking you you should reply with this
girl: what time do you get off work?
guy: Fuck if I know
by OG March 31, 2004
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usually something stupid that pops into your head right before you get hurt.
dad: whose stupid fucking idea was this?
son: fuck if I know
by OG March 31, 2004
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some fewl who thinks hes kewl
that fewl is acting like such a danmalo!
by OG December 14, 2004
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Brand-new gansta, a diss to people who act like they grew up in the streets, but actually grew up and live in a 4 bedroom house with two loving parents.
That boy Joe Dixon is a BNG!
by OG March 03, 2005
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Bullshit; to be full of shit; lame or whack
Fun Run? That shit pooh cheese now.

What?!!! He'll naw that's pooh cheese.

Who fuck with Ashley? Cause that thot is pooh cheese.
by OG December 29, 2013
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shampoo, noun.

A codeword to say around the office that will not arouse suspicion (dl), to alert your coworkers that someone of importance is in the room; time to close the poker / pr0n.
I'm top 30 in the freeroll and some fucking shampooo walks through the door.
by OG October 27, 2004
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