The polite way of calling someone a thot. It is a reference to the similar sounds between thought and thot and acts as a slight devience from the popular phrase.
"Girl, why you dressin like an idea?"
by Sparrs46 March 22, 2019
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Group of three or more thots/thotties.
Hey jeremy look at that idea
Woah chad thats a big idea, man
by Jeremiah DeWink June 08, 2018
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I.d.e.a means β€œI don’t eat anymore.” A secret term used by anorexics or bulimics
Maggie: hey girlie!
Sarah: hi?
Maggie: wanna go get Taco Bell at the weekend?
Sarah: ah no sorry
M: oh why
S: I.d.e.a
M: what?
S: nvm
M:I’ll google it
M: nothing came up
S: good
by BobbyJimDoorpo December 17, 2018
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What I dont have at the time of publishing definitions in here. For real, I get tons of cool fucking ideas and when I log in my brain goes fucking blank.
You got any ideas for UB?
I fucking wish.
by LFM_75 August 31, 2020
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