"The Icepick" is an absolutely vicious ping pong paddle with a superior spin factor to any other paddle. It is the inventor of the world renowned left-spinned serve.
Along its massive spin-factor, it has an unbelievable power bonus due to its great mass. Unfortunalely, it does not have a good back hand, nor does it have extraordinary speed, but that is fine considering all the positive sides. It can be identified with ease due to its distinctive markings. The black side has an artists rendering of an Icepick along with the letters I-C-E-P-I-C-K along the top. On the red side the colorful saying "Float like a Butterfly, sting like an ICEPICK" is written.
Its smaller cousin, Shaved Ice has a higher speed bonus.

Some Stats of "The Icepick":
Spin-Factor: +132
Power: +83
Speed: +39
So Alice and Bob were playing ping pong, then out of nowhere, Bob decided to annihilate her and whip out "The Icepick"
by mister cow November 29, 2007
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Guy: Hey Trotsky, what's the key to a perfect society?
Trotsky:Communism, permament revolution... And no icepicks stuck in my head.
Guy: Thanks!
by SocialistBastard March 21, 2018
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He’s the furious little ball of hate we all love.
Quote from Icepick from www.bestcomicever.com:

I keep urging my manager to implement some kind of 'you break it, we kill you' policy, but I'm not hearing a lot of favour for it just yet.
by Kyuuketsuki September 23, 2004
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The act of kicking a girl in the vagina after fucking her so as to cause extreme discomfort and swelling, therefore giving her the inability to ever get pleasure from sex again.
Dude, I totally gave Cheryl the icepick last night.
by John Doe December 30, 2005
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the gay ass gang that some douches at reeferside came up with. what the hell were they thinking.
brandon is the queer that founded icepick.
by romcekgsan February 18, 2005
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A method of stabbing someone with an icepick in order to coerce them into doing something. The picking is based on levels of severity from 1-10. A level 1 would only cause minimal damage, such as to a limb. A level 5 would maim and a level 10 is instant death. The level should be specified when a threat is made.
If you don't give me some of those teddy grahams, you're getting a level 7 icepicking.
by TakingItBack March 15, 2010
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The act of sounding an individual (usually male) with an extremely cold instrument.
John enjoyed icepicking during ice play
by sickandsour September 24, 2017
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