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1. An even number that occurs after 8419
2. An even number that occurs before 8421
3. When all the number (8,4,2, and 0) are added the number 14 appears, and the digits in 14 add up to 5.
4. There are 4 digits in 8420 and it adds up to 5.
5. This is number 5.
Bob saw Alice in a rocket ship and shouted 8420.
by mister cow November 5, 2007
Ontop of my browser it says, UD:DYW-MF.
by mister cow November 5, 2007
The only 15 letter long word acceptable for play in Scrabble.
I was playing Scrabble and on the bottom I noticed the arrangements of letters "-E-DEANS-TULIPS." Quickly, looking at my little wooden placards I saw I had the letters M,Q, and Y. So I threw down meqdeansytulips
by mister cow January 1, 2009
Shaved Ice is an inferior, smaller version of the vicious ping pong paddle known only as "The Icepick". Shaved Ice boasts a much higher speed bonus, but lacks in power and spin factor. It was invented by the same brilliant mind that invented "The Icepick" and has quite similar components.
The story of the creation of Shaved Ice is a rumor at best. Its validity has never been verified. It is said that Shaved Ice was created inside the crypts of death in the prison of Azkaban. The souls of a thousand dead warriors were used to make the hard as steel handle. Its rubber is said to be made out of the skin of the Loch-Ness monster and the cork in the paddle is made from the same wood that Jesus was crucified on.

Some stats of Shaved Ice:
Spin-Factor: +74
Power: +51
Speed: +92
Bob and Alice were playing ping pong, then out of nowhere, Bob whipped out Shaved Ice and moved it so fast that he became a blur of ping pong fury.
by mister cow November 29, 2007
An acronym for the game Need for speed Pro Street. It is the 14th installment of the Need for speed game series by electronic arts. It was released in the US on November, 14, 2007 and is much different than its predecessors. This game features real damage to the cars that affect the performance. Your car can even be completely fucked up and you have to get a new one.
1. How far are u in NFSPS?

2. You know what I love? NFSPS!

3. NFSPS, that's all.
by mister cow November 13, 2007
"The Icepick" is an absolutely vicious ping pong paddle with a superior spin factor to any other paddle. It is the inventor of the world renowned left-spinned serve.
Along its massive spin-factor, it has an unbelievable power bonus due to its great mass. Unfortunalely, it does not have a good back hand, nor does it have extraordinary speed, but that is fine considering all the positive sides. It can be identified with ease due to its distinctive markings. The black side has an artists rendering of an Icepick along with the letters I-C-E-P-I-C-K along the top. On the red side the colorful saying "Float like a Butterfly, sting like an ICEPICK" is written.
Its smaller cousin, Shaved Ice has a higher speed bonus.

Some Stats of "The Icepick":
Spin-Factor: +132
Power: +83
Speed: +39
So Alice and Bob were playing ping pong, then out of nowhere, Bob decided to annihilate her and whip out "The Icepick"
by mister cow November 29, 2007