The act of taking a fork or other utensil and fishing ice cubes to eat out of one's drink
Ardy needed a fork at the restaurant so that she could go ice fishing in her glass of water.
by gbdriver80 June 18, 2013
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The act of spreading your partner's (male or woman) butthole, taking your pinky finger and digging it their butthole and pulling out a piece poop. After achieving the shit proceed to chew and swallow it.
Frank: Dude why the fuck you miss the party last night?
Bill: I was Ice Fishing with this nasty bitch last night.
Frank: Really
Bill: Yeah mother fucker it was so cash, her shit tasted like chocolate.
Frank: Word...
by Alex The Master December 28, 2009
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A disgusting sexual act similar to ice fishing. When one goes ice fishing, it is usually necessary to cut a hole in the ice before inserting one's pole. In the sexual act, one must cut a hole in the victim and then proceed to have intercourse with the fresh hole. The victim is either dead or dying during ice fishing.
She's a babe, I'd take her ice fishing!
by froke June 22, 2004
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Ice Fishing refers to a sexual act in which a man stabs himself in the nutsack with an ice pick at the precise moment of ejaculation. The point of entry is wholly up to the individual, and may include either testicle or simply the scrotum itself.
"Hey man, did you hear Dave went ice fishing with Megan up at the lake?" "Really, did he catch anything?" "Well she's a filthy trollop so probably Chlamydia!"
by Mister Higgins July 31, 2006
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A revolting experience described as follows.

A male goes into a public bathroom to drop a deuce. Unknowingly, the bowl is filled to the brim with a prior dude's diluted s&*t plus bowl water. The bowl is clogged, but since no water has spilled out onto the floor, the male is unaware of any problem.

So, said male unbuckles his pants, turns around, and -- with blessed innocence -- sits his ass down on the toilet seat, and in doing so, dunks his unsuspecting balls into the slightly chilly tea of diluted fecal matter.
by Ae5Ea8 October 22, 2016
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