when all roomates in a household have had sex with the same girl. All roomates are eskimo brothers.
there 4 eskimo bros living in that house, thats an igloo
by btine October 08, 2010
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A slang term for a girl that two or more friends are Eskimo brothers with.
"Did you ever end up banging Molly"
"Yea dude, she's an Igloo"
by maxmed623 February 24, 2017
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noun - slang for one's home, or crib.
Baller: Whassup baby you wanna come over to my igloo?
Female: Huh?
by Fact February 13, 2004
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a sex move when the you stick your head up a womans pussy
she's so loose i can igloo her
by JD-O89 August 20, 2005
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(n), (v); the act of hot-boxing one's car when it is completely covered in snow. The experience is not only unique and enjoyable, but also very secure because outside onlookers cannot tell that Cannabis is being consumed within the car. One should be sure that upon entering the vehicle and closing the door, that the user does no knock all the snow off the window. This is very easy to do accidentally and destroys the concealment and novelty of the Igloo.
You wanna go igloo my car???

My roommate is home, we can't blaze at my place; its cool we'll just igloo my car.
by applejaxx34 February 13, 2010
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what stupid uneducated Americans think all Canadians live in. No one lives in igloos anymore. Theres even an American state up north and people don't assume that American's live in them.

-don't be jealous because we have free health care and better beer!
Stupid American: Do you Canadians live in igloos?
Canadian: no, we don't, dumbass
Stupid American: oh, i didn't know that
Canadian: you would if you learned something about other countries in school
by R-mac and K-mac January 08, 2005
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