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Something you can't do at an ice skating rink.
- Hey, do you wanna go ice fishing?
- No, Brian, NO, THERE IS NO FISH UNDER THE ICE, THE ICE SKATING MANAGER TOLD YOU!! Man, you got a problem, seriously.
*loud Brian crying sound*
by Blabooga December 15, 2020
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The act of taking a fork or other utensil and fishing ice cubes to eat out of one's drink
Ardy needed a fork at the restaurant so that she could go ice fishing in her glass of water.
by gbdriver80 June 18, 2013
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An excuse men use to get away from their woman. In Ice Fishing, men go up north; ride snowmobiles, shoot stuff, and most importantly get incredibly intoxicated. There is usually little or no actual ice fishing taking place.
Man 1: I'm so sick of my bitch right now man.

Man 2: Screw that lets go ice fishing.
by Tek 9 December 22, 2008
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Putting multiple ice cubes into a women's vagina then fucking her
Women: "Put ice cubes in my pussy then fuck me"

Man: " Isn't that ice fishing"
by Master Ice Fisher June 14, 2013
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Female #1: "You know my man be taking me ice fishing at the mall this weekend....don't hate!"

Female #2 : "Lucky bitch!, my man ain't never take me ice fishing."
by Funky K Dog August 27, 2011
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Having intercourse with an exceptionally 'frigid' woman.
she was o.k., though it was kinda like ice fishing.
by Pickman May 8, 2003
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