Someone that is going fast. Comes from someone that is going 90 miles an hour but is used for anyone doing anything fast. Someone running fast could be described as going 90. Someone talking fast could be going 90. It is commonly used in Donegal Ireland.
I couldn't understand a world he was saying. He was going 90.
by kmkod April 14, 2016
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this is when someone is going crazy mainly used as irish slang. in the past tence it it went 90. the main people you will find using this term would be the irish version of a roadman
she is going 90 for him. Olivia is going 90 because Eve is her friend. He went 90 when the ps 5 came out.
by hey_eveith February 12, 2021
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The act of doing something or wearing something that is generally considered synonymous with the decade of the 1990's.
-Wearing a flannel sweater around your waist by tying the sleeves like a sash is "Going 90's

-Flannel in general

-Watching the First Season of Power Rangers

-Listening to Grunge Rock

-Raising your kids on Barney or Sesame Street
by 90's Kid September 9, 2009
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