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A challenge in which an individual will pour water filled with ice over their head in a video. The subject must then nominate three other people to attempt the challenge within 24 hours or they must donate to a cancer charity.

The challenge is supposed to stimulate the feeling of one of the stages of cancer's chemotherapy treatment.
The first example of this was by a woman in New Zealand in early 2014 who supposedly started the trend for her son suffering from cancer.
The challenge eventually reached the states where it was renamed the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge with the only change being the cause was now ALS rather than cancer.
Query "ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge" or "Ice Challenge" in YouTube search engine.
by gramus August 21, 2014
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A dare where you are challenged to put ice on your hand with ice and keep it there until it melts.
"What's that mark on your hand?"
"It's the burn I got from the ice challenge."
by C.Rose.S January 23, 2012
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