Eryka gave me some great ice water last night
by pr0nster March 30, 2007
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A bad ass mother fucker that doesn't cop out when the heats all about. When it's time to get 3-D, Ice Water is your man. He is not a slave to physics, but he has been known to throw a lawn chair or two. A living legend at The Pontiac in Chicago and also the Buzzard Beach in Kansas City. If you see him, DO NOT APPROACH! He will attack.
Here comes Ice Water, everyone hide your jewelery!
by meatballs June 12, 2008
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A figurative saying meaning that someone is extremely good in the clutch and very cool under pressure.
Norm: "Well folks, we're here on the 18th hole and Tiger Woods is having a great day, putting his balls pretty much wherever he wants to."
Steve: "Yes indeed, he's given a brilliant performance here, Norm. Do you think he's got what it takes to emerge victorious?"
Norm: "Of course, Steve. Tiger is a clutch performer with ice water in the veins. Here he goes to finish up the night."
Steve: "Looking good...oh no! Elin woke up just before he snuck back into bed! She sees the lipstick on his shirt. Uh oh, there she goes looking through his texting history. Oh man, here she comes with the golf club." ***WHACK!***
Norm: "Oooh, great swing mechanics there, but that's got to hurt."
Steve: "Well, that's it folks. Looks like our champ couldn't close it out today, and he could be on injured leave for some time now."
by Nicholas D April 4, 2011
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A common response to the superfluous wants of someone in which situation there is either no ability or desire to respond to said wants. In other words, people in hell may want ice water, but the Devil has no desire to give it to them because they're in hell and now they have to deal with it.
Johnny: Dad, I really want a new BMW since Jason down the street got one.

Dad: Well, people in hell want ice water. You're going to continue to drive your 1999 piece-of-shit Toyota.
by giant-nutsack March 1, 2017
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a meaner way of saying "you rnt getting it". often used by those people who r hilarious that always have a straight face.
by chrisssythewhite April 2, 2011
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Its a phrased used to describe those to make their bed, but bitch about sleeping in it. The idea that Satan would even consider relieving their suffering is laughable when they are the sole reason they are in Hell in the first place. They're complaining about being in Hell? They shouldn't have been assholes their whole lives.
Republicans: We really want you to trust that we care about minorities.

Voters: Uh-huh, and people in hell want ice water.
by boshspice69 April 4, 2014
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