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A person who causes drama and/or conflict
Person 1: "Did you hear that Jess started those rumours about Ryan"
Person 2: "She's Such an Instigator"
by Piercethesyko June 23, 2017
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a person who escalates a situation.
boy 1: Yo mama
boy 2: What did you say about my mama?
instigator: Oooh, he talking bout yo mama. Man i wouldn't take that if i was you!

messy agitator troublemaker provocateur meddler
by One Zooted Individual April 1, 2009
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Someone who tries to make everything inflammatory by encouraging escalation of actions, while pretending to be concerned about de-escalation, resolution, compromise, and intervention, or anything else that makes him/her look like a good person among bad people.
The girl's family knew she had always been an instigator, the kind of person who said fuck you to neighbors and flipped them off by coming in their town like she owned it, with the intervention programs she supported to cover her own actions, or involvement in the questionable actions of others, and make her look like a better/stronger person than she actually was.
by Solid Mantis March 31, 2021
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To start a conflict between other people just so you can watch. Can be between friends, between enemies, or between friends and enemies. Usually involves saying "he said she said you suck!" or some other much more colorful variant. Occasionally falls under the subtle art of interpreting a comment as incorrectly as is plausible.
Drew: "Why do you look so angry, Jordan?"

Akira: "I heard someone say the other day that Jordan doesn't like you, Drew."

Drew: "WHAT!"

Jordan: "Wait, I never said..."

Akira: "...Didn't you wonder where your milkshake went the other day, Jordan? Drew stole it."

Jordan: "WHAT!"

Akira: "That's cuz Drew thinks your haircut is ugly."

Jordan: "Oh really?!!"

Akira: "...And wants to challenge you to a duel."

Drew: "Whoa Akira, why are you trying to instigate?!"
by Silver415 May 4, 2010
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a person who drags out a situation when it’s never that deep.
Travis why do you always drag out a situation, why are you an instigator?”
by brittiannagotdetwap November 19, 2020
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Someone who brings about or initiates something.
Man, Taylor is such an instigator!
by RickyBobby552 February 17, 2014
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A person who starts fights or arguments.
Punk: Yo, wanna fight bro?! I bet I can beat you up in a second!

Guy: Dude, stop being an instigator.
by Acoolboy September 16, 2014
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