In my holy/honest/humble opinion.

A rephrasing of imo.

Used in net-speak (read: retarded), it's mainly used to attempt to show that the opinion stated was either godly, true, or was stated by someone with humility. All three of those reasons are what would be simply known as bullshit.
Retard1: omg imho, ur a fag lol.

Jesus: imho, ur goin to hell lol.
by Some friggin' guy. December 17, 2005
marya-"I think that song is great imho"
daniel-"thats not a word"
by adisfuv May 9, 2018
(ey`em`ach`oh)abbv. In My Humble Opinion 1. an internet acronym used to qualify a statement made by someone who
(a) thinks every utterance they ever made is TRUTH, not just an opinion, and,
(b) has never experienced anything remotely like humility
2. a phrase used on the internet to excuse anything stated just previous, no matter how vile, personal and insulting.
1. "chicas in chatroomz can alwayz tell i m teh 1 tru hottie. i ownz, imho"
2. "omg. wtf. you are a worthless of piece of crap. lol. the internet would be a better place if you would just die. STFU. GTFO ... imho"
by Lane May 2, 2004
The word that comes up when you type 4646 into T9word. It is absolutely absurd that T9word would think imho is more common than the proper 4646 term goin
Hey man I'm imho to work, off at 6
by gmothafuckinb January 17, 2009
IMHO is an acronym used to declare ownership of one's hat when the hat is taken by an ostrich.
Chris: *is at ZOO* *hat gets taken by ostrich* IMHO!
Ostrich: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by MyGenericAnonynomousPsuedonym December 3, 2018
in my hoe opinion

just like imo but for hoes
imho friends is a terrible show.
by dan howell's sexy ass February 11, 2018
1) That act of speaking in ones humble/honest opinion.
2) Enacting freedom of speech
3) a disclaimer - See IMHO
I was 'speaking imho' whan I made that comment about your funny looking dog.
by Lil_Stinker August 3, 2009