A question asking to join a very fun event where friends and comrades smoke a big fat stick of wacky weed together.
Towlie: Hey, You Wanna Get High?

South Park Kids: No, we want to play our damn video game.
by Towlie October 1, 2002
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Slang for people that sound like they are asking to play the game "League of Legends", but in reality is a way to come out to your friends as a homosexual.
"Hey bro, wanna get on league?"

"Kinda cringe bro,"
by Licorice Liam March 9, 2022
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a phrase that people use to quite literally get “drunk and nastynasty meaning like sex
boy 1: do you wanna get drunk and nasty
boy 2: isn’t that gay tho?
boy 1: bro your gay
boy2: oh yeah
by mommy69 August 31, 2021
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Getting coffee - a term that Christians use, to engage with the intention of engaging in spiritual conversation.

Reasons for engaging in spiritual conversation, would include the individual
a) thinking something is wrong
b)knowing something is wrong about you
c) hearing something wrong about you
d) hasn't talked to you in a long time so in scenario if something were wrong they would find out.
"Hey man? How you been? I've seen you in awhile at *insert church, campus ministry, or small group.*
"Yeah man, I've been busy with stuff....
"Yikes, ok Well, wanna get some coffee sometime & catch up.
by illbred February 17, 2009
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A goofy way to warn someone of the concequences if something is not done or they are in trouble.
guy 1: damnit I forgot about that project.

guy 2: but it's due today.

guy 1: whatever.

guy 2: you wanna get dead?

guy 1: 0.0
by annnnonnnnymous September 3, 2011
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When someone asks you if you want to get drunk as fuck together, with tha boys!
Yo, bro you wanna get fucked up tonight?!?!!
by LarryEnticer August 22, 2017
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