an acronym for In My Honest Opinion
used by those online idiots, who feel the need to make absolutely sure that readers will understand that what they have just said(or are about to say) is their opinion and not their granny's/dog's etc.
Idoit: I think XYZ game is sooo cool IMHO it has teh graphics which wonzor doom3
anyone with half a brain: Umm O.K
by ? March 6, 2004
In my humble opinion.

This is a saying used by pussies who try too hard not to offend anyone. It's as if they are afraid of someone disagreeing with them which is bound to happen. They fear any type of confrontation. Funny thing is that it can obviously only be used on the internet and who gives a shit if someone on the internet disagrees with you? PUSSIES and MORONS

No one says IMHO in real life. They are the types of people who are believers in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase.
Poon: The Beets are an untalented band,

Pussy: Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase, imho.

Outsider: Only bitches use "IMHO"
Bitch: That's just your opinion!
by Sallyboy69 September 20, 2010
Jenny: This place totally rocks, IMHO.
Jason: I know what you're saying..
by GodlessDemon July 20, 2008
In Internet speak, It could mean In My Humble Opinion, or to the weaker minded, it is sometimes used to say I Am Highly Offended.
1: you seem to look like a 9 day old bag of dog shit, IMHO

2: 1)Get The Fuck Off My Lawn!
by Chris Neeson October 1, 2006
1) In My Honest Opinion

2) In My Humble Opnion
1) The Makarov PM is a pretty smexy gun, IMHO
2) She's a fine piece of ass IMHO, imma say an 8.
by Magnum47 November 25, 2016