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<< Not an endorsement or advertisement. >> IGN is one of the more popular mainstream online sources for the latest news on video games. IGN has recently expanded to include film information, including movie reviews, as well. Is very unpopular with the more niche gamer for their overt catering to mainstream tastes and interests. IGN is largely characterized by its poorly written reviews and haphazard game ratings. Known for giving inflated review scores to very popular or hyped games in order to drive sales for their advertisers and corporate sponsers.
(1) You can't spell ignorant without IGN.
by BSen August 01, 2005
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<< Slang >> A derogatory term for a person who exhibits a lack of caring or understanding for another person. Particularly used to illustrate someone who abuses power.
(1) Our Calculus professor was being a tremendous douchewhore when he banned the use of calculators during exams.
(2) American politicians are usually tremendous douchewhores who do not represent the interest of their constituents, and instead, cater to the needs of special interest organizations and lobbyists.
by BSen August 01, 2005
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