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Downloading media (films, shows, games, music etc.) or software off websites for free where it is actually on sale. It is most commonly found off torrent sites such as Mininova. Although, they are found mostly of bittorrent sites, most of them are not aloud and deleted when they are found.the soon possibly defunct "The Pirate Bay" is one of the exceptions to this.

(I personally oppose piracy/illegal downloading but a lot of people surprisingly dont.)
You could get it legally, it will support the artist more than the evil mainstream record company!
Illegal downloading is (insert opinion here)
by Anonywave August 23, 2009
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The thing that is going to kill the Music and Software industries...What is seen by many uninformed kids as a good thing, but anyone with a working knowledge of the economic system can see that it is a bad thing.
Go ahead and give me a down thumb for saying illegal downloading is wrong and harmful, but wouldnt you be mad if you didnt get paid for what you do because someone got it for free?
by bnevs April 03, 2007
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