International Baccelauriate;
1. An alternative degree for above average senior high school students, it is internationally regulated and recognised as a more challenging and more prestigious course.
2. A program designed specifically to destroy any small shards of self-esteem a pre-IB student once had.
3. A highly elitist program that is really only available to students who's parents can pay for them to attend a very good school.
4. Something that parents can brag about to their friends. (see above)
5. Will either be my downfall or my emancipation from a mediocre life.
1. Year 10 Student (pre-IB): Hey! ive aced every class this year! i think ill do the IB. I've always been fairly smart, and even though i know it will be a challenge, i want to give it a go!
2. Year 11 student (first year IB): Wow... i didnt realise that now i am in a class of gifted people, i no longer stand out - in fact, i feel like a big old dumbass...
3. I feel very grateful for my education. I have attended the best private girls school in australia since i was 7 thanks to my parents being able to pay $17 000 a year to keep me there, now im doing the IB! i better get a damn good result or ill have nothing to show for my $153 000 education...
5. "oh!, how delightful prudence! your daughter will be attending MLC also! Do come down to the Estate this weekend with your family, we can play polo and croquet and it will be jolly good fun!"
6. Hmmmm... i could either end up failing IB (and become a crackwhore) or, i could be a future high-rolling corporate fat-cat/neurosurgeon/investment banker/corporate lawyer/astronaut.

Its funny, because when i asked my father (who is a doctor) to help me with my first term IB biology homework, he said that it was the same as what he learnt in second year med...
by dotdotdot June 25, 2005
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A program designed to make bright, ambitious students have suicidal tendencies. This program was created by the Illuminati to hold back global intellectual progress.

Common rationalization for joining IB:
IB a nerd today, IB your boss tomorow
Its not as bas as you think.
Nah, it can't be as hard as AP.

Jokes. IB stands for Intellectual Bad-ass. All people in it are better than you in general.
Why is Jimmy such a boss?" "Because he's IB
by kid canada1112 October 15, 2010
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if you are reading this definition you clearly already know what the ib is and you should get off the internet and start working because you have your tok, ee, ioc, iop, maths ia all due in -4 days and you promised you would spend the weekend helping out with global warming for cas. you haven’t even started your 27th econ ia, and you’re redoing your tok presentation next week so you i’m praying for you.
a-level student: i’ve already got offers from my top 5 unis! i dont even need to work for the rest of the year
ib student: *busy researching dark magic for their ee and also in hopes that they can use it to pass*
by the in gods can burn in hell November 25, 2019
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The International Baccalaureate Program is an organization dedicated to the predation of young minds through manipulation and psycological brainwashing. It corrupts students into believing that they are part of a priviledged and elite society of more intelligent beings and raises its own prestige by forcing students to commit to nineteen hour work days, thereby causing parents to believe that the massive and unreasonable amount of travail must equate with a higher education. This in turn deters the ordinarily rational parents from protesting when asked to pay absurd amounts of money for exams that their children grow to despise. It is not until their fourth year in this fraudulent program that the participants realize that this course has no effect on the colleges to which they intend to apply. By this time, the student has already dedicated thousands of hours to this corporation (doubt not that it is indeed a corporation) and human nature insists that they complete the program.

Its long, unpronounceable and un-spellable name only adds to its supposed prominence.

In short, this institution is designed to swindle valuable money and time away from its members by exploiting competitive young adults.
an essential part of surviving IB is knowing the intimidating effect of a thesaurus
by '06 grad August 13, 2005
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"International Baccalaureate"

A program meant to prepare one for college. The causer of much pain.
IB taught me how to make my bull shit smell good.
by IB Student X October 25, 2003
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1. an international educational program designed by a bunch of ambassadors looking to put their kids through hell and back...and the suckers bought it and now we're here to tell the tale...
2. Ibers: the unfortunate students of the IB...mostly intelligent young adults but overworked and burnt out by the age 16...each prepared to take over the world at their nearest convenience...sometimes used in a humerous or negative connotation, much like the term dork or freak
1. The IB meets international standards...(blah blah blah blah)
2. you're such an iber.
by sailingthruIB06 August 02, 2005
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Abbreviation of "Inspired By", used mainly by people on musical.ly app (aka TikTok), but isn't that well-known outside of the social media platform.
"IB Kristen Hancher @bbghancher"
by skooshpoodle February 06, 2019
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