AKA Theory of Knowledge, basically the class no IB student took seriously. Makes you wonder whether or not your whole existence is a sham after just a semester of teaching.
Non-IB Student : "Yo dude can I borrow a pencil; I have a math test next period."
IB Student: "How can we prove a pencil is actually a pencil, or is it a pen?"
Non-IB Student: "You on drugs, brah?"
IB Student: "Even worse: TOK."
Non-IB Student: "Ah, nature's methamphetamine."
by IB Slave September 12, 2018
Literal meaning - Theory of Knowledge, in the informal language used as a synonym of:
1. 'ew'

2. Something or someone that does not make sense
3. A pointless and exhausting work or activity that is done without understanding what exactly/how it has to be done.
4. It is sometimes also used to express frustration because of not finding purpose in life.
1. TOK, this cake was so disgusting. 2. Sarah is so TOK, sometimes I can't even understand what language she is speaking.
3. I'm sorry I can't come to your birthday party, I have a lot of TOK to do. 4. TOK! I hate my life!
by IHaveNothingToDo February 16, 2021
Shorthand for Totally Obfuscating Krap- oh, I mean, Theory of Knowledge. A subject required by the IB (International Baccalaureate) for high school students, in order to earn a maximum of the three points and a minimum of complete schooling failure, it is usually optional and comes with comparatively little or no risk to students taking this subject as part of a Philosophy degree in university.

It is an excellent generator of anger, irritation, insanity and the odd musical rendition (see The TOK Song by Captain Angry and the BadMoods)
in conversation: "Man, I hate TOK."

in lyric: "I hate TOK."
by resiloon June 24, 2009
1. Philosophy course required for the IB Diploma program
2. As in TOK Essays
3. Teachers that talk to much teach this course
1. SHIITE I have TOK next block and I don't know wtf all these philosophers did...
2. Hey is that TOK essay due tomorrow? Yeah... FUCK...<6 hours later on turnitin.com>...Your essay is *99%* copied, have a nice night!
3. Ahem
by erOhead July 30, 2003
A pointless class.

Required by IB, TOK teaches students how to respond to totally bogus statements and opinions they don't even care about. The class consists of material from famous dead guys like Descarte, Dochevesky, and Wittgenstein.

The first day everyone is super excited to learn about the meaning of life, but 15 minutes into the first class everyone already knows that this is going to be a long semester. This is the class where most IB kids learn and hone their insane BS skills.

Student 1: Hey, did you write that paper on the nature of man for TOK yet?
Student 2: Psh, I wrote that on the bus, the usual BS...
Student1: I feel ya; I feel like this is becoming second nature to me.

by Shaday July 11, 2008
an extremely boring and useless subject,amongst the useless shit you learn in school,TOK has got to be by far the most useless piece of shit ever to have been invented by the stupid mother fuckers who invented school in the first place.Thanks for nothing shitheads.
Oh god we have TOK fuuuuuuuuuuuk.
by michael jackson December 7, 2004
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by virginforlife June 27, 2010