a public charter school that spans from 5th grade to the current highest class of 11th grade. a school with awkwardly young teachers, too much homework, and the kind of lockers you find at a bowling alley. sports teams that are not recognizable by a division, and full of wacky students who skip, frolic and step pop pop down the halls while singing kinky songs....
"i go to iacs."

"oh, no wonder you dont sleep, always have a headache, and never shut up about school"
by nonoelleon October 18, 2009
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A public charter school that spans from 5th grade to 12th that consists of self-entitled, obnoxious students and weird teachers. If you go to this school, you either fall into one of two categories; filthy rich or dirt poor with little to know students in between. The girls at this school are also either completely insane or so stuck up their only redeeming quality being their outward appearance, while the guys are no better. They consist of dumb ass jocks who have no sense of reality other than sports and nerds/geeks who are so nerdy/geeky that it stops being quirky and falls into the category of just pure annoyance. With weird scheduling and hard to understand choices by the uppity yucks that run the whole damn thing, its a surprise the damn thing is still up and running.
I am unwillingly attending IACS.
by CooookieDough March 15, 2017
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Indonesian Airborne Calvary

When Indonesia is under attack, they send in their special forces, horses flying out of planes.

Nuff said.
Shelli: Dude this english class is so lame....

by Dahman316 June 27, 2010
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Indian Anime Club IAC is a democratic group on Telegram about everything except anime.
Have you ever been to IAC?

Are you talking about the anime group where people don't even watch anime?
by baap :) December 15, 2021
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A person who cares so much about the correct usage of memes, that s/he gets reduced to an incoherent rage when they hear one used wrongly
Person 1: Phil really is an ass-hole. I said "Sounds legit" instead of "Seems legit", and he started screaming at me and frothing at the mouth

Person 2: Really? Sounds like Phil is something of a meme-iac
by LibidinousOne August 19, 2013
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A person who has an uncontrollable obsession with the greatest rapper alive, Lil Wayne, and wants to get 'Weezy F. Baby' tattered on their butt.
All that girl listens to is Lil Wayne. She's a wayne-iac!
by weezyfbaby123 April 30, 2010
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When one goes crazy and becomes a maniac for presidental nominee John McCain.
"Oh my god! Its john McCain! I'm such a McCain-iac!"
by Bella Kripton March 09, 2009
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