A place where people who share the same likes come to unwind after a long day of school. Away from the idiot preps and obnoxious jocks. Anime Club is also a place where these people discuss things not only dealing with things in Japanese Pop culture (Anime, Manga, and music) but they also discuss things that deal with the other side of Japanese culture, like the religion and mythology and traditions.
by Raven A Storm September 15, 2013
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A group of socialites whose day end at school by unwinding to some Japanese comics or animation. Primarily dudes whose wretched stench fill the room with a bitter odor. Females also included but their slim chances of getting a husband is one of the guys in anime club
naruto bleach ghost in the shell dbz dragon ball z yu yu hakisho one peice full metal alchemist death note sailor moon inyuyasha gundam .hackanime club
by kimbo slice aka ed hardy January 9, 2010
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A clique of obnoxiously loud nerds in High School who are fascinated with Japanese animation and to an extent, are obsessed with Japanese culture in general. In other words, these are wapanese people, or weaboos.

It is mostly filled with unattractive ADHD women, stench-ridden males who are most likely stoners or complete social outcasts (who ironically are hated by most of the club). You have the exceptions like the few actually attractive girls but they are all traps because they are all lesbian (well the High School version of Lesbian) or the guy who seems perfectly fine but when you befriend him it turns out he's ready to commit suicide at any moment. Mostly because he fell for one of the traps.

Contrary to popular belief, people who fall into this clique do fall into relationships. But all of them are extremely creepy or clingy, none of these relationships end well for either side.

The Anime Club will never fall far from each other. Once you join, there's no getting out. You ARE going to become one of those people mentioned above. It's a HORRIBLE decision. If you do join, prepare for massive amounts of Pocky begging, Hetalia jokes, over-the-top High School Drama, ugly disturbing nerd sex, voice-actor worshiping and the surprisingly little amount of ACTUALLY talking about anime.
Guy 1: "Who are those kids?"
Guy 2: "That's the anime club group."
Guy 1: "They sure seem completely obnoxious."
Guy 2: "Don't get me started, I know what it's like to be in there."
Guy 1: "How'd you get out?"
Guy 2: "... I didn't."
by ToxicEvent June 12, 2011
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A club for aspiring animators who have an interest in animation and who want to do something with animation in their lives.
I'm in the young animators club because I want to be an animator
by ANIMOO CHACER August 7, 2017
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